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Routes & Stops 

Find our nearest stop to your home!


If we are not currently in your area, please contact us, as we are always looking to expand... we have added several new stops to our routes already this year, and there is room for more!

Current Stops

our van

Please note that these are subject to change. When we approach the Summer season, the holiday campsites will be visited during school holidays. Road stops will continue as normal. Please feel free to call and confirm your stop is still active.

Monday (Colehill Wimborne)

16.30 - 17.45    Lonnen Road

18.00 - 19.30    Middle Hill Road (Parade of shops)



17.00 - 19.30    Three Legged Cross  (Joys Road)


16.30 - 19.30    Alderholt (co-op on Ringwood Road)


Thursday (St Leonards/Ashley Heath)

16.45 - 17.45    Corner of Post Office Lane and Sandy Lane

18.00 - 19.00    Woolsbridge Road (opposite Ashley Drive)

19.00 - 19.30    One stop, Horton road










16.30 - 19.30    Alderholt (CO-OP on Ringwood Rd)



Available for parties, weddings, fetes, carnivals or what ever your event is.





To avoid disappointment please phone your orders in before 3pm on Thursdays and Fridays as we are still wanting to keep you safe and not have crowding at the van, plus speaking to our regulars they prefer this as saves them waiting about. You can run the risk of just walking up to order but may be a wait or not possible.

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