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Events Catering


For any queries, or a quotation, please contact us  

- or call 07739 394479

Whether you are planning a Birthday Party at your home, a sports gathering of friends at your local football ground, planning your wedding or even holding a Fete or Party, Lime Coast Catering can accommodate you.


We can personalise everything to your events requirements, from presentation, distribution, or even the Menu itself!


Please see the testimonials at the bottom of the page.



We have catered for a vast range of events from 30 people for a children's birthday party, Bingo nights of 90+ people and Weddings into 100+ people. 

Whatever your event size, we will be pleased to tailor our services to your requirements. 


Menu's can be altered or reduced at your request (for example we have recently catered for an event that only wanted Cod, Sausage and Chips.)


We also have many Menu additions that we offer purely for events. If you would like more details on what we can offer, please contact us (details on the contacts page) and we will be happy to discuss before giving you a quote.


We can also amend the food presentation to however you choose, from traditional paper wrapping, boxes, newspaper cones or anything else. This is really only limited by your imagination!



Highly recommended. Lime Coast Catering covered our Football Presentation Evening. Fab food, good feedback from our parents, friendly, accommodating service. Recommended. Grange Athletic FC

For any queries, or a quotation, please contact us  -  or call 07739 394479

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